Together at the Top
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The Death of Socrates
Build resilience and bounce back

An opportunity to explore ways to tap into your inner resilience and develop healthier reactions to problems and opportunities.  Learn about how to avoid the hazards that impact on your mental strength and share new ideas to help you to continue improving your resilience long after the workshop has ended

Managing stress - prevent burn out


Learn how to identify stressors and how to better manage them to prevent burn out at work and in your private life

Developing a positive workforce


This session explores the importance of the power of positive thinking versus the effects of negative thinking and how eliminating negative self-talk, and introducing gratitude into your life may improve your positive state of mind. 

Furthermore, the workshop discovers the power of affirmations and the helpful impact of reflection.  We will learn about how visualisation can nurture positivity by focusing on good memories, as well as the power of introducing daily rituals will have on your life.

Mental Health Awareness


Raising awareness of mental health in the workplace and how simple first aid tips and attitudinal changes can support a healthier workforce

Death in service

Would you benefit from learning more about the impact on your workforce of someone close dying  and how best you can support them.  This workshop will educate on the grieving process and enable workplaces to feel confident when supporting colleagues through a bereavement.  Ideal for workplaces and for support staff in schools.

Other workshops available:

  • Creating a work/life balance

  • Mental health awareness for line managers

  • Improving sleep for better productivity

  • Managing relationships in the workplace

  • Effective change management

  • How to change your world