What is sleep therapy?

Sleep is important as it resets the body clock and should leave the body feeling refreshed and rested but for those who do not sleep well, it can impact on behaviour, relationships and the ability to function cognitively.  Sleep is as important as eating well and taking regular exercise, but current choices often disrupt the body’s natural rhythms and leads to poor sleep.

Who is sleep therapy for?

Sleep therapy is for those who do not sleep well for many reasons and it may be a problem that has started recently or an issue that is long standing.  You may be someone who has tried seeing your GP, taken advice and maybe tried medication; but still the problem persists.   You may not have sought a medical intervention but have trouble dropping off to sleep, staying asleep or experience a poor-quality night’s sleep.  

What can sleep therapy do for you?

I can assess your sleep and offer immediate follow up advice and support which in most cases is enough to improve the quality of sleep.  For a small number of people more than one follow up session may be required and together, using CBT (for Insomniacs) we can work together to achieve a better night’s sleep.  Assessments that include a full report cost £60

It is worth noting..

There may be times when I am not able to achieve the outcome you would like and for those situations, I am able to refer you on to a sleep centre for more in depth support.